Proposal of life

I got another cleaning up session in this room and I found this beyond the books. A piece of paper titled "God, this is proposal of my life" containing a passage about something big

Seemed nothing special with this passage but how it was written. It was the 7th meeting of Pharmacy English Club on 25 June 2010 that provided a discussion about life performed by a friend named Viki Hestiarini. It was such a great talk, and a lil' bit serious. Every one should make expectations about who they would be and things they would own a couple years later.

Something made me laughed at my self while reading this note was what I expected for my upcoming ten years. I had expected to own a hospital, a campus, and a house *a big one. It ain't impossible I guess, but I just thought that laughing at what I dreamed was a bit silly, and reflecting self depreciation.

I don't know, but I am trying to :)

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