Surgeon wanna be?

No no no... I don't wanna be a surgeon, not even a doctor. But sometimes, I do what surgeon and doctor do. I administer injections, I perform some surgical procedures, and I do it pretty much. But not to patients, coz we have so many animal patients here... mice and rats.

But, today's challenge is really really terrifying... I can just be haunted for the rest of my life due to what I do today. I DEAL WITH STREPTOZOTOCIN, GUYS.... *screaming... You know what...? Streptozotocin (STZ) is an antineoplastic that should be really really careful to handle. Besides, dealing with it requires special room equipped with special materials. Employees should wear special astronaut-like suit, special respirator, and many other requirements based on its SOP.

Anyway, I use double gloves for more safety *the SOP actually recommends to use three :(

Oh God, STZ please be kind with my body cells :((

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