Ubuntu Geek

I tried to use this open source operating system a few years ago for the 1st time. Nothing exceeded my expectation that time. But then curiosity defeats everything that I am now a ubuntu user. Ubuntu 11.04 works with me.

It was a bit strange for me why there should be other computer operating systems. Isn't microsoft enough for people? *this was my thought, last decade. 

Then, after having my own PC, I tried Win XP. Then got bored with this one and wanted to try something new. I installed Ubuntu 6.06. But it was lack of fun as I couldn't play the music and videos. Then, I got my own internet connection. Updating any packages would be easy after all.

Ubuntu is not the only non-microsoft OS I have tried. I also have Android for PC in my EeePC.

Anywhore, about the picture above, I found these CDs in this morning cleaning up session :) Recently, I didn't request the CD anymore. I just downloaded the latest version over the internet

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