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It is a bit tiring to have a class morning till the noon
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Kripik Berlada

I got 2 bags *honestly, the red one remains empty. But the blue one is fully loaded :)

By the way, I used to participate in student events e.g. seminar, symposium, congress etc. whether national or international. The local students in here tend to give this kind of souvenir for the speaker, moderator, or adjudicator --> "Kripik Balado" (Spicy Chips). It's probably like potato chip, but it's not made of potato: it's cassava root. Kripk Balado is specific souvenir in here, West Sumatera Province.

Wanna taste? Be here in 2 hours ;)
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Ubuntu Geek

I tried to use this open source operating system a few years ago for the 1st time. Nothing exceeded my expectation that time. But then curiosity defeats everything that I am now a ubuntu user. Ubuntu 11.04 works with me.

It was a bit strange for me why there should be other computer operating systems. Isn't microsoft enough for people? *this was my thought, last decade. 

Then, after having my own PC, I tried Win XP. Then got bored with this one and wanted to try something new. I installed Ubuntu 6.06. But it was lack of fun as I couldn't play the music and videos. Then, I got my own internet connection. Updating any packages would be easy after all.

Ubuntu is not the only non-microsoft OS I have tried. I also have Android for PC in my EeePC.

Anywhore, about the picture above, I found these CDs in this morning cleaning up session :) Recently, I didn't request the CD anymore. I just downloaded the latest version over the internet
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Surgeon wanna be?

No no no... I don't wanna be a surgeon, not even a doctor. But sometimes, I do what surgeon and doctor do. I administer injections, I perform some surgical procedures, and I do it pretty much. But not to patients, coz we have so many animal patients here... mice and rats.

But, today's challenge is really really terrifying... I can just be haunted for the rest of my life due to what I do today. I DEAL WITH STREPTOZOTOCIN, GUYS.... *screaming... You know what...? Streptozotocin (STZ) is an antineoplastic that should be really really careful to handle. Besides, dealing with it requires special room equipped with special materials. Employees should wear special astronaut-like suit, special respirator, and many other requirements based on its SOP.

Anyway, I use double gloves for more safety *the SOP actually recommends to use three :(

Oh God, STZ please be kind with my body cells :((
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Sport this afternoon

Batang tabit... no longer good destination to relax and swim. It is so quiet, but it is probably good for more privacy :)
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Shopping for groceries, traditionally.

Anyway, I really wonder why it's difficult to have a clean traditional market... The government should figure out why. Is it the people? The policy? The place? Or what...

Traditional market should not be organized traditionally. We need to put a few advances in here.

Oh ya, I sometimes shop in this market. I mean, I accompany my mother to shop in here :)
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Sport this afternoon

It reminds me on Dragon Boat competition, an annual event in Padang
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Sei Tanang

A quick ride from Payakumbuh, catching something...

Anywhore, Sungai Tanang (Minangkabau of "Cool River; Quiet River") is not actually a river. It's more likely as a large pool located somewhere around Bukittinggi, West Sumatera.
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Just the opening

Annual event...
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Same day service

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Become webmaster

Such a good thing to do in weekend.

This weekend we organize a special training aimed to generate a few other webmasters in faculty of Pharmacy. It's now quite difficult to find students capable of organizing a website, especially for students' organization. I think I am terribly worried about this

An amount of 5 students participate in this simple training. Organized in the office of students executive board of Pharmacy Faculty, they should bring their own laptops as the wireless internet connection is available in here...

Anyway, this training is perhaps a good thing to do in weekend, but not in the middle of examination week. Haha... they couldn't stand the training a little bit longer as tomorrow's exam is haunting them...
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